Develop a complete solution with one of the most advanced filters.

  • Cullar» Activated Carbon are durable filters that improve taste, reduce chlorine, odor, and both high and low molecular weight organic compounds
  • Depth filters, which are composed of anthracite, sand and garnet, retain solids as small as 10 microns
  • Iron filters use specialized media to filter and/or oxidize iron.

  • Substantial cost savings
  • Food and Beverage – superior taste and clarity
  • Reduced particulate matter
  • Increased efficiency from turbidity reduction

  • Grocery/Retail – quality water for aesthetics and extend equipment life
  • Pre-treatment for RO systems, softeners and DI systems
  • Light manufacturing processes – reduce particulate matter
  • Boiler water treatment
  • Vehicle wash – turbidity reduction
  • Drinking water systems – improved taste

Our Commercial Solutions

To make every drop of water and dollar count, Culligan engineers recommend filters with Progressive Flow technology. This reliable feature allows your Culligan Matrix Solutions system to be sized to your exact needs—allowing for smaller systems to be used where high demand is periodic. For larger systems, Progressive Flow technology brings filters online and offline based on need, for increased cost efficiency.

Businesses requiring consistent water quality use Culligan Smart Controllers and Progressive Flow technologies. These combined features utilize a series of sensors to monitor water treatment quality and performance. By constantly measuring quality and demand, your custom system can be appropriately and efficiently sized for your process needs, saving money up front and in long-term maintenance.

*Peak (15 gpm/ft2 - 37 m3/hr/m2) - Very good quality effluent at specified flow. Increased pressure loss. Recommended for suspended solids loads