Protect process equipment with one of the world’s leading softener systems.

  • Scale reduction and savings in detergent and water heating
  • Improved efficiency of process equipment
  • Reduced maintenance, chemical and detergent costs
  • Reduced energy and water consumption

  • Soft water for laundry, dishwashers and boilersg
  • Grocery/Retail - Quality water for aesthetics and extend equipment life
  • Office buildings - For heating plant, pretreatment, tenant convenience, general housekeeping
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Deionization (DI) pre-treatment

Our Commercial Solutions

With Progressive Flow technology, Culligan Matrix Solutions Softeners can be sized to meet your exact needs. This allows smaller systems to be used where high flow rates are only required periodically, to improve cost efficiency.

Softener systems outfitted with Culligan Smart Controllers and Progressive Flow technology contribute to initial cost savings and long-term maintenance cost reduction. This technology constantly measures water demand and brings softeners online or offline, as flow demand fluctuates. This allows for a custom system that is appropriately sized for your process needs, saving you costs up-front and in maintenance.

Culligan Brine Reclaim technology reduces salt usage by up to 25% by reclaiming a portion of the brine used to regenerate the water softener. In addition to salt reduction, Brine Reclaim reduces water consumption and contributes to annual cost savings.

Aqua-Sensor® technology initiates regeneration only when it is necessary based on water hardness to reduce salt consumption. Softeners featuring Aqua-Sensor technology automatically adjust to changes in raw water hardness and demand.

*Flow rate with multiple systems at a 25 psi pressure loss per system.
**Flow rate at a 25 psi pressure loss.