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Fresh water right at your fingertips

You deserve to have better water in your life. Water without that unpleasant smell. That bitter taste. Water that doesn’t leave soap scum on fixtures. Water that doesn’t drive up utility bills and reduce the life of your appliances. Water that is convenient. Water that tastes great. From water softening systems to advanced filtration systems, Culligan has the solution to bring better water to your home.

Don’t wait to put a smarter Culligan water cooler solution to work for your business. Customized for the way you hydrate.

  • Pre-Treatment Softeners
    Drinking Water Systems

    Preliminary treatment modules include multi-media filters, softeners, de-alkalizers and chemical treatment, which allows water to perform more efficiently throughout your business. This is the first step to help reduce scale, extend the life of equipment down the line, reduce maintenance costs and promote consistent production.

  • Commercial Filters
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    To provide complete filtration for any need or capacity, Culligan recommends filters to reduce turbidity from water, adsorb odors, neutralize acidity and reduce heavy metals. Filtered water can reduce blowdown for substantial cost savings.

  • Commercial Dealkalizers
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    In this module, charged ion exchange resin reduces mineral ions from water. Deionization solutions include portable exchange deionization and automatic deionization. This module extends the lifespan of equipment, contributing to long-term cost savings.

  • Reverse Osmosis
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    Reverse Osmosis is an advanced level of filtration, where pressurized water passes through a semi-permeable membrane to separate dissolved substances from the water permeate. RO is the most effective barrier to salts, micro-contaminants and organic substances such as viruses and bacteria, making it ideal for applications where high-purity water is needed.

Services for your Business

Look to your Culligan Man for all the services you need, from start-up to salt delivery to bottled water delivery, to make better water a reality for your business.

With 80 years of Culligan expertise, plus unmatched local expertise, your Culligan Man is your go-to quality water resource. Expand your better water knowledge with these interesting, and helpful articles on a wide variety of topics.