Culligan's New High Efficiency Softener Series Cuts Water, Salt and Energy Usage by up to 46 Percent; A Cutting-Edge Solution for Commercial Use

Bologne, Italy

( Jun 2 2015)

Culligan, Europe's leading provider of advanced water treatment solutions, has introduced an innovative High Efficiency (HE) Softener Series for commercial water treatment. The Culligan® HE Softener Series can dramatically reduce a company's water use and, therefore, its operational costs. The system offers a range of advanced features and options to meet a customer's particular water usage and quality requirements.

"The Culligan HE Softener Series is a truly remarkable advance in water softening for commercial customers," said Chris Freeman, Marketing Director for Culligan EMEA. "The high efficiency softener series not only helps users achieve improved operational efficiency by reducing the accumulation of harmful scale in equipment, but it does so in a way that is environmentally responsible by reducing salt, water and electricity usage by up to 46 percent."

Benefits of Softened Water
In a commercial setting, softened water can reduce the impact of poor quality water in a range of applications, such as improved:

  • water usage and softness when cleaning hotel linens;
  • maintenance and operating costs associated with the cleaning and sanitization of foodservice equipment;
  • consistency of results in lab projects;
  • efficiency of manufacturing process applications;
  • utility costs associated with boilers and hot water pre-treatment in education facilities.

Environmentally Responsible Benefits
The system also delivers environmentally responsible benefits, including reduced:

  • energy consumption due to reduced hard water scale build-up;
  • water usage and salt consumption, which is better for the planet and;
  • use of soaps, detergents and cleaning chemicals.

Selecting the right pre-treatment solution is the first step commercial users can take to extend the life of their equipment, help reduce scale and maintenance costs and promote consistent production," said Freeman. The Culligan HE Softener Series can accelerate user's Return on Investment (ROI) and achieve improved operational efficiency."

Advanced Product Options to Meet Every Need
The Culligan HE Softener Series is among the most efficient commercial water softening solutions available. In fact, the system optimizes salt, water and electricity by up to 46 percent over traditional time clock regeneration softeners.

Users can customize the system with these exclusive product features:

  • Upflow regeneration allows up to 24 percent higher capacity at the same salt dosage when compared to down flow systems.
  • Users can cut their salt consumption by up to 25 percent with Culligan's brine reclaim feature, whereby the system can be calibrated based on a user's overall water management and wastewater minimization needs, as well as sustainability goals.
  • Culligan's Dial-a-Softness® control valve allows users to set the softness required, providing further savings in salt usage.
  • With the Progressive Flow feature up to six units can be linked together allowing users to size softeners based on their average water usage needs, helping to reduce costs.
  • The exclusive Culligan Smart Controller provides users with more control over their equipment with programming and monitoring capabilities typically found in more expensive PLC controls.
  • This unit is also compatible with modern Building Management Systems, providing all essential data and alarms.
  • With advanced telemetry options, users can connect the system via landline or mobile phone to Culligan service technicians. This allows Culligan to monitor the system centrally and service it locally.

Additionally, the Culligan HE Softener Series addresses common ease-of-use challenges. Its remote display can be placed up to 60 meters away from the softener, making it easy to monitor the system even if it is located in an area that is difficult to access or far from a maintenance office. Additionally, the system's five year battery back-up retains programming parameters and historical data, which eliminates the need to reset parameters after a power outage.

Available Now
Culligan has a team of highly skilled professionals available to assess customer needs and then design, manufacture, install, train and service its customers over the lifespan of the equipment. The Culligan HE Softener Series is available now in Italy, the UK and Spain, and will be released in France later in 2012.