Reflects a Commitment to Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly Amenities


( Nov 13 2012)

Culligan, a leading water treatment company with award-winning water filtration systems, has partnered with Extended Stay America to offer free, filtered water in guest rooms at select hotel properties in the U.S.

"May is Drinking Water Month is an ideal time for people to think about the water they consume, not just water in a glass or container, but in ice, coffee and other beverages, along with water used in cooking," said Marty Armstrong, Culligan's Senior Vice President of Retail and Marketing. "Great water is water people enjoy drinking and water that benefits them every day in many ways. As local water experts, we're excited that our Culligan dealers are ready to help with a wide variety of drinking water solutions that are customized to each individual's interests and needs."

Through its nationwide dealer network, Culligan offers water filtration solutions that reflect each local area's water profile, which can be different from city to city and even from neighborhood to neighborhood. Homeowners can take advantage of May is Drinking Water Month by calling their local Culligan Man to check out their individual water situation. Dealers perform free, in-home water testing to quickly ascertain the "state of water," including identifying common impurities that might be in their drinking water.

  • The Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water Filtration System, which offers five stages of water filtration and has 14 interchangeable filters, making it completely customizable to a customer's specific water filtration needs. The Aqua-Cleer system recently received certification by NSF International, the leading third-party testing and certification organization, whose mission is to protect and improve public health in the area of food and water. NSF tested and certified the Aqua-Cleer system to the NSF/ANSI American National Standards for point-of-use drinking water treatment products. NSF verified Culligan's claims that the Aqua-Cleer system delivers safe, clean drinking water for families.
  • Culligan's Bottled Water for Home and Office Delivery, which provides great-tasting Culligan water on a regular delivery schedule. Customers can rent or buy a Culligan water cooler; a Culligan dealer will then establish a water delivery schedule, remove and recycle empty bottles, and maintain and clean the water cooler.
  • Culligan's Bottle-Free® Water System, which dispenses Culligan filtered water at the push of a button. Like Culligan bottled water for home and office delivery, the bottle-free cooler eliminates the cost of buying cases of single-serve bottles, which often end up in local landfills.

"There are so many reasons to seriously consider the water we drink and take action to make sure it's the best it can be," Armstrong said. "Numerous health organizations, including Mayo Clinic, recommend drinking up to eight glasses of fluid, including water, each day. During exercise or hot weather, we know how important it is to stay hydrated. And who doesn't love a cup of coffee or tea that is all about the flavor of the bean or the tea leaf, and not about the off-tasting water? Culligan's May Is Drinking Water Month support calls attention to all these aspects of why great-tasting, better water is important to us all."

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